Cube Mobile App

The Cube mobile app was developed to provide users access to their subscription’s custom processes in an offline environment.

Start a Form for Any Process

Users can start a form from any custom process configured in their Cube subscription. Just find the form you need from the list, press it, and enter data.

Unified login

Use the same secure login credentials you use for your Cube subscription.

Draft forms

Tap the back button while filling in a form and the app will save it as a draft. You can continue where you left from the drafts screen.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows Cube users to complete forms even when no Internet connection is available.

Automatic upload

Forms are stored locally on the user’s device until a network connection is found. They are automatically uploaded to the user’s subscription when connection is restored.

Offline users

Offline mode is ideal for Cube users who require access to their custom processes and to enter data into forms while working in remote locations.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In some cases, it’s easier and more informative to take a picture.

With the Cube app you can take a photo with your device and they will be automatically sent as attachments to the form.